>>The Analyses of the Partnership Agreement
 (PA) 2014 version from the Scientific Research – Technological Development (SR-TD) and of the Operational Program Competitiveness (OPC) 2014-2020

>>Opinions on the 2014-2020 National Strategy of Research, Development and Innovation - April 2014 Version

>>The stages and the authors of the destruction of the Scientific Research – Technological Development of Romania (SR- TD)

>>Opinion on the Misinformation from the 2013 "SOCIAL TRENDS ", published by the National Institute of Statistics

>>The Analyses of the Partnership Agreement (PA) 2014

>>Opinions on the 2014 - 2020 Strategy of Research and Innovation, 2014 -2020 RDI National Plan and 2014 -2020 SOP Competitiveness(Proposition for the sector-Priority axis – Research, Technological Development and Innovation (RDI) for supporting business and competitiveness)

The Union's Federation of Research and Development Employees Romania (FSLCPR) is the only representative organization of unions in the Research-Development area active throughout the state of Romania. FSLCPR was founded in 1990 and at the present time it is made up by over 60 trade unions from various National Institutes and Enterprises involved in research-development activities covering most branches of the national economy. imgFSLCPR is affiliated with the Confederation of the Democratic Trade Unions  of Romania (CSDR), with EUROCADRES and UNI. FSLCPR is represented by its president in the leading committees of CSDR and EUROCADRES. FSLCPR has collaboration and friendship relations with union organizations from abroad, such as: CISL (Italy), UCC-CFDT (France), HK and TL (Denmark), UGT (Spain), IGM (Germany). 

    The aim of FSLCPR is to oversee the operational coherence of its members, as well as to represent, to promote and to protect their professional, social and economical interests. Since its foundation, FSLCPR has acted to put into practice its statutory objectives and to apply the agreements reached by its collective leading committees (Congress/Conference/Council). Thereby:

- Since 1992, FSLCPR has been responsible with the negotiation and the approval of the Collective Work Contract for the Research-Development area, a contract which, throughout the years, proved to be an important and modern tool to promote and protect the rights and interests of its members.

- Since 1990, FSLCPR has participated in committees of Social Dialogue and in workgroups charged with the preparation of normative documents meant to regulate the new legislative framework of this area.

- Ever since it came into being, FSLCPR has been involved in the preparation of a national strategy in the research-development area, which applied would define the State's true policy in this area.

- Ever since it came into being, FSLCPR has acted to promote highly qualified personnel in R&D, to motivate and to stimulate researchers by using an appropriate income policy.

- Since its beginnings, FSLCPR has acted towards a technological endowment of research-development-design units that would ensure working standards at international levels. img

        Since decision factors at the central level, as well as those at the level of institutions (directors, business owners, boards of directors, etc.), generally do not have any consideration for the common interests of the personnel in the research area, nor do they consider this branch a national priority, FSLCPR will continue to act using all legal means in order to impose the rule of law and to make possible the achievement of the forth mentioned objectives proposed by the members of FSLCPR.